Sunday, November 27, 2016

Painting: My new found passion

Assalamualaikum and dearest all...

Sharing my latest discovery and passion. Painting!! 

In the midst of my struggle to regain my passion in sewing, I got hooked on this new hobby instead.

How I started

I have always loved drawing since school days. I think I may have some ability to draw. However, every time I started to apply colour using water colours, I got disappointed and my picture became a failure. Maybe it's the wrong brush, or perhaps I was totally at loss with water colour. 

Over the years, my interest in drawing continued. I enrolled into a course called "Intro to Drawing" during my sophomore year, but was mainly using pencils and charcoal. Never using colours. My favourite books when I got bored while studying in libraries were always about water colour paintings. Deep in my heart, I feel that one day I WILL do painting. With colours.

One day, Zairus, a friend from university days, shared her first attempt at painting. I guess she remembered hearing me saying that one day, I will do painting. Her first picture, even though quite a beginner, was able to trigger a yearning in my heart.  Her subsequent pictures, got better piece after piece and created an envy that made me feel that I must quickly start to make my own painting! 

The motivation became too strong when Zairus told me that she has already started to sell her paintings for charity for Rose2Rose!! And I feel this is the greatest idea! Painting for charity!

In other words, Zairus has been successful in"jolting me" into action!

When I started

I bought my first set of painting tools on September 25th, 2016. Almost in a spur of the moment, I just walked into a stationery shop and asking for instructions and guidelines from Zairus (through whatsapp) about..

** what brushes to buy
** what medium to draw on
** what kind of colours to use.


Colours           Canvas

Started with a small canvas and only four tubes of acrylic paints. 

Zairus did advise me to get an easel, (hmm like professional painters), but with limited funds, I guess that has to wait. 

Sharing my works...

I hope that one day, i will be brave enough to conquer water colour painting...